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In order to diversify the game with children, it is good to come up with some costumes. Sometimes it's just enough elements of the costume. This can be a collar, belt, One of the types brimmed hats, you can do so. Size of the head of the child cut out the circle to the bottom of the hat. Then cut a circle large sizes (dimensions depend on the desired values of fields) and make a hole, the size coinciding with the bottom of the hat. Cut a strip height of the base of the future hats. Its length must be equal to the diameter of the bottom of the hat (be sure to leave a seam allowance of 1 to 2 cm for bonding, and cut the seam allowance cloves). Roll the strip into a ring, glue the edges and bend the teeth from the inside, bottom - out. Glue the top teeth to the bottom of the fields and hats.

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