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Make the balls of plasticineAsk a child to arrange a home theatre is not simple, and the theatre of shadows. Select to stage some sort of tale, such as "the Gingerbread man". Together with your child draw on the cardboard silhouettes of the characters and scenery: the bun, house, trees, foxes, etc. Cut them out, leaving the bottom a little cardboard for the stand. Cut the stand along and bend the ends in different directions. Shapes can now stand.

The roles. Maybe you will invite other family members or friends baby as actors.

Hang over the table sheet and set her table lamp. Put on the table for sheets necessary for the beginning of the performance figures. Turn on the lamp. On the front side of the sheets will appear in the shadows of the characters and scenery. To move figures, attach to a pencil or some sticks.

You can start rehearsing: move figures and voice of the characters.

You are now ready to view.

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