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In illustrated books of accounts of your child is already familiar with the different animals. And if he knew of birds every day you can see on the street? Sparrows and crows, jackdaws and pigeons are the most common city dwellers. In rural areas, the variety of birds is much more: the swallows Wagtail, woodpecker and Redstart, nuthatch, Klest, Jay - all does not count. Often and in the city you can see a tit and Starling, winter fly in urban yards of the Robins and waxwings. However, every region has its feathered inhabitants.

Call the baby birds you see, ask him what sits in a tree or flying over you.

Consider books, where there is a clear color images of birds, learn about where they spend the winter, where and what build nests, hatch as juveniles than eat. Knowing all this, the child will want to help feathered friends will be to feed them in the winter.

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