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Mother-and-stepmotherit would be Good from early childhood to teach your child to recognize the most common plants. Start with the most simple. This mother-and-stepmother, dandelion, plantain, nettle.

Early in the spring the snow lies - thawed patches appear on the first yellow flowers of the mother and stepmother. Show the child the flower closer, let him carefully consider it and remember. Note the stalk.

After about a month there are other yellow flowers - the higher, the larger the stem they are not similar to the stem mother and stepmother. This dandelion. Explain to your child the difference between these flowers. The dandelion besides beautiful carved leaves.

Tear the sheet home and draw it on the paper path. And the kid will paint it green felt-tip pen and draw yellow flowers on a tall stalk. Do the same with the leaves of the plantain, nettle, mother and stepmother (when they appear). Now, going for a walk, ask the child to find and name the plants, with whom he was already acquainted. Do this constantly, slowly.


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