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Maybe because in the heat it is colder than the air due to evaporation from wet skin? But in milk it will not evaporate. Anyway, the frog does not tolerate the sun: heat at 39° carries her death. You can die and not in such a hot - under the sun-eyed will quickly dry up and die from dehydration.

Therefore, going hunting, frog takes water from the pond or the nearest puddle, and if such property is not there, happy and mildew. But the taste of dew, like milk, she doesn't know. She is an avid fan of the dry law and does not take it into his mouth drops. If there are no puddles, where you can quickly restore water supplies through the skin surface, it is necessary to crawl through the grass, and the dew, due to osmosis also enters the body. And if you want to save namascusa in the heat, the frog, and nearby puddles there, wrap it in a damp cloth, and she quickly posvezhee".

But if the water easily passes through the skin, why it will not turn back? Yes, because frog skin breathes easier water inside, not outside. In this important matter eyed helps mucus, abundantly wetting her small body. If the mucus to remove the frog dries five times faster.

Mucus is a great thing, it retains water in the body, helps to escape from the claws or beak of the enemy. This mucus is something like a personal cleaning - supports clean frog dress, does not develop the germs on wet skin. That is why it was the custom to let the frogs in the milk, so as not to sour: mucus prevents lactic acid bacteria to do their job.

Frog slime horrible not only the microbes. If its injected goldfish - that in a minute will die; in mice, the injection of mucus causes paralysis of the rear limbs. But for us mucus harmless. The poison of the worst of our amphibious - bellied toad people, too, are not dangerous, although birds from him faint.

The snake, so that it is less disturbed, demonstrates repellent color - bright red spots on his belly, on which the animal is spoken-"don't touch, or you'll regret it". And can be very bad: frothy white liquid secreted by the skin of bellied toad, quickly kills even close relatives-frogs, planted her in one Bank. The dog, due to inexperience devouring a snake, long shakes his head and rubs paws, muzzle. Next time Chlebowski burning dog will bypass this tasty creation. We can take him in hand. Can be ironed and toads - no blisters or warts will not jump. All these tales.

In beloved by all the fairy tale "the frog Princess", the young heir to the throne committed the rash act. During the feast the priest-king ran home, found a frog's skin and burned it in a fire. Came Vasilisa the wise, have missed - no frog skin. So despondent was alarmed: "Oh, Prince Ivan! What have you done? If you waited a little bit, I would be eternally yours was, and now good-bye!" And she went to opposite Kashchey the Immortal. And Prince Ivan wept bitterly.

Never dispose of discarded skin - it's needed. True frogs change their clothes at least four times a year and always eat his coat dress here with skin pigments bad, they cannot just be thrown away. This procedure indicates frog thrift. Well-developed among them and the so-called chemical sense skin: if on a wet paw to splash a drop of a very weak solution of chloride of ammonium, potassium or sodium, the paw will Udarnitsa.

The skin on the back is thicker, stronger and more sensitive: it's much more tactile bumps than on the belly. Leather in all holes - little creatures 300 000 mucous glands! Most of them are on the abdomen and legs.

Leaky frog skin sensitive to light. Just think, blinded frog with a remote brain (!) turns to light. Being who stands with one foot in the coffin, as if giving the sun the last prostration.

Frog, this calm in appearance, is actually a very nervous creature: the tips of the sensory nerves penetrate not only the skin, but even the cornea of the eye. Strange - I couldn't remember what color they are, and in scientific books about this somehow not written. And the eyes of frogs wonderful. They see far on land and in water. A lot farther than the eye of a fish.

The frog can immediately be called a coward and a brave creature. Otherwise it is difficult to consider the fact that she jumps blindly: draws in the eye at the time of the jump. But the most surprising thing that frog eyes as if he himself thinks, rather, processes information in the brain receives a generalized signal about the properties of the object. How this happens is not yet understood.

Frogs, probably would be surprised if you see the expression that so-and-so toady eyes eats the head. And how not to be surprised - they are life "eat" eyes: drawing huge eyeballs, like a piston proficiat their throat caught a bug.

Before you complete the story, remember the beginning: "the Frogs only education is not enough, and they are all capable of." And if not all, then a lot they are really capable of. Grass frog for summer eats on average 1260 harmful insects, and moor disposing itself just those pests which do not touch the bird.

So the frog is a big and serious our friend. And on a scientific career, and in life.

It is in the life of a frog can be too surprising that I will refer to the tenth issue of "Inventor" for 1974, so I was not accused of misrepresentation. "Go into the pond and catch a frog. Prisni her little urine of a pregnant woman and a half-two hours draw from sewer drop of liquid. Plug current and look in the microscope. Then you will know who to expect: a son or daughter. So could, imitating the language of the medieval alchemists, quite accurately retell the essence of the description of the author's certificate No. 278 008". This testimony was received by the Director of the Tbilisi research Institute of obstetrics and gynecology, the Kronstadt Chachava. The frog must be a male, which makes the injection. Who is born is seen in the microscope: if the frog spermatozoa were huddled boy, if scattered - girl.

Just like in a fairy tale!

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