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These "trees" in amphibians do not count. They largely first. Amphibians were the first to exchange information with the help of sounds. They were the first creatures that 300 million years ago, stood on his feet - first on the Ground none of vertebrate simply no legs. There wasn't another useful part of the body - the one where they're sitting. That amphibians could sit and even more to move her legs, evolution has endowed them with spherical joints - joints. This achievement is the nature of doctor of biological Sciences B. F. Sergeev compared with the invention by a person of the wheel.

In the hands of monkeys and humans thumb aside, as opposed to the other. So with frogs. In other words, they are ahead of us learned what a real grip.

And at the same time, the frog first "sissified" of the planet. That land could easily swallow a dry extraction, needed lubrication - saliva. She frogís thin, watery, enzymes in it. And one more purchase frog ancestors runny nose. And here it is in need of: frogs smell only dissolved substances, and therefore their olfactory cavity intensively supplied with water from many small pieces of iron.

List of amphibians belonging physiological patents very long. These inventions are now used by a variety of animals. And we too. About it well said the hero of Turgenev's "Fathers and children" Bazaars, "what are you frog, sir?" asked one of the boys. "But what, " answered Bazarov, " I frog will rasplata let see what she has in there is; and because we're the same frog, just on the legs go, I'll know what we have inside is done".

For all its fragility frog inside the extremely durable. Nerves odataset her at a pressure of 14 atmospheres, and muscles become paralyzed only at 400 atmospheres! Low pressure frogs too uneasy: in the chamber the first signs of oxygen starvation they feel shestnadtsatimetrovy height. Why such endurance? Mountains on the Earth twice lower.

The frog is much more than a frog. So said the famous biologist Jean Rostand in the President's speech at the Zoological society of France. And he said, "Good or bad, I am told, frog academician and will remain so until the end of his days... Journalists think that I spend all day hunched over a bunch of frogs, and all of them are my personal friends and more or less manually. They think that I'm killing them in huge quantities. So almost every day I get letters like this: "In the next world you will be punished for all frogs, you ruined it."

Who, but not Rostang, a great admirer of frogs, deserves punishment. Punished rather be John McNamara, the winner of the absurd championship swallowing alive (!) frogs! McNamara won the championship, after a minute five frogs. One of his rivals was disqualified because he started to chew fluttering creatures...

In fact, in the West tasty rear frog legs in price. Even leave the appropriate canned goods, which are specially bred amphibians. And in Switzerland, where frog farms like no, it was strictly forbidden to eat domestic frogs. As the Swiss know what a frog in a pan - own or overseas?

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