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Best friend always knows more about you than others (sometimes even more than your own parents). Friend is always there, you always talk on the phone, discussing the events of the day, and you're entitled to think that she was genuinely upset, if you have troubles, and also sincerely happy for your victories. Gradually you stop to watch what I say, and... friendship goes. Why? Yes, because you forgot about the most important thing, " your best friend is your own desires, emotions and moods. Work on the tests placed in this Chapter, you will be able to avoid many dangerous traps and mistakes. As discussed below situations that often in life, will help you in your relationships with friends to occupy the correct position.

"Friendship is friendship, and money apart!"

Imagine: you bought an expensive mascara and you uncontrollably like it to brag. Best friend - not the best option. And suddenly she long ago dream about this mascara, but can't buy? There appear you are such an enthusiastic, with five-centimeter eyelashes! Understanding there is no hope.

The same thing can happen if you have a new cool thing - sweater, boots, video, etc. But does not mean that new clothes need to hide somewhere far away. Just don't perebarshivayu and not make from each purchase "fashion week".

A special case that is also possible to "slip" - entertainment. Not to sit at home, sometimes you want to go together to the cinema, to the disco, café! But before you form a company, think (and ask), and if your friend pay for it? If not, then you have two options: or you change your plans for the evening, or you propose to take the costs (if you can, of course).

Syndrome Kovalevskoy

The resulting algebra test: you have "five"and my friend "couple". Don't smile! This is your holiday, and it is your happiness to share will not be able. And no need to "justify" the words: "Oh, Yes, it absolutely was easy!" Friend himself puts it: "Then, I'm one of those "specially gifted". You are her: "Can I help you understand?", and it's you It's you that will help? Even could not tell!" it was a fight (by the way, the truth, why didn't you tell?)

If you suddenly come out ahead in school or something else, embroidery, playing the piano, driving on rollers, etc., never let yourself a patronizing tone, remember that today is better for you, and tomorrow it is, and most importantly - tact with respect to the losing side!

Love or "like that"

You are met with a tall, broad-shouldered, blue-eyed blonde (brunette). Not the guy is a dream! Sooner or later you will want to tell someone about your happiness, and you will run... where? Correctly, to the nearest friend. Here only to discuss with her all the advantages of your boyfriend's very, very dangerous. Gentleman still not privatized, and she has every right as a friend you have to take... to Be with my girlfriend a lot in common - it's good, but the guy is the top of the exotics. So sekretniki, but do it smart. For example: "I don't even know what it found, not handsome, the character itself... You he will not like it". Or: "You know, I don't really manage such romantici, but I am ready to run with it on the edge of the world! Direct even afraid of you with him to introduce that I got such a beautiful girlfriend?" So in a few simple phrases you correctly soobshaet her: "Hands off - he's mine and only mine!"

Another friend

It would seem that this? Who said you no one else should not be friends? Properly, there is no such law. And jealousy is. You should pokatatsa in view of the best friend with someone else, a couple of times to go to the cinema without it and decline your get-togethers in the kitchen under the pretext of urgent matters, as it will arise suspicions: once you have secrets, then friendship apart! This can be avoided is to acquaint girls with each other and try to create an atmosphere of mutual trust. But the bigger the company, the harder it is to do it. So still decide for themselves who is more valuable than old faithful friend or a new, yet it is not clear what.

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