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1. Together cheerfully to walk
2. Sparrow song  
3. We divide in half  
4. Opening song from m/f "Juha and his friends"  
5. Let's be friends (m/f "Let's be friends")    
6. The road is good from the movie "Little Mook"
7. Friendship
8. If you friend (m/f "One morning")
9. When my friends with me
10. A true friend (m/f "Tim and Dima")
11. A huge secret (m/f "Big secret for the small company")
12. Song friends (Gay travelers)
13. Song friends of m/f "On the road with clouds"  
14. Song about friendship    
15. Song about friendship (from the musical "the Magic bag")      
16. Song about friendship from t/f "Makar-Pathfinder"  
17. Song about friendship from m/f "Four with one yard"  
18. Song about friendship from m/f "Juha and his friends"  
19. Song friends (from the musical fairy tale "the Incident in the country Multi-Pulti)    
20. Song friends (m/f "Bremen town musicians")
21. About friendship (from the series "Spring has come" m/f "Masha and the bear")
22. You and me, Yes we are with you  
23. Smile (m/f "Baby Raccoon")
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