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How to insert a photo into the template framework

For this we will need a graphics editor Adobe Photoshop. I assure you, insert a photo in a frame with Photoshop is very easy, even if you do not know how to work with it!

1. Open in Photoshop the image from the selected frame (File Menu --> Open or Ctrl-O):

Open the picture frame in Photoshop

In the center of the picture frame is a transparent area (it is indicated by grey and white cells), which will be photography.

2. Open the photo you want to insert into the frame.

Open photo

And now, on the toolbar, left click , "grab" the picture with the mouse and drag in the window frame. The picture will overlap on the frame, and we need to move it down. To do this, locate the right panel (is it called palette) Layers. Now you have to picture 2 layers: one with the frame, the other with a photo. You need to move the layer with the photo down. This is done by simply clicking the mouse on the name of the layer and move it below the layer name.

Drag the layer

Attention! If the layer with the frame is in the Photoshop document the background, you will not be able to accommodate layers underneath. To do this, you must first convert it to a regular layer. Just double click the mouse on the name of the background layer and in the appeared window press OK (can give its name this layer if you want).

The active layer

Next we need to change the size of the photo and fit it under the frame, and, if necessary, to displace and rotate it. Please make sure that the currently active layer with the photo, not the frame (the active layer is indicated by brush to the left of the name)

The active layer

Begin to change the size of pictures: Ctrl-T or via the menu Edit --> Free Transform parse it and change as we need. That photo was decreased without distortion, do it while holding down the Shift key. The result will look something like this:

The finished picture in a frame

Save the finished photo for future use (print, create desktop Wallpaper and so on) is better in the format jpg (File Menu --> Save As). And if you want to be able to edit it in the future, save the "source" - that is, the save option of the file in the format of PSD.

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