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Development of Sizzling sound [W]


This letter wide
And similar to the beetle.
Yes, this, exactly beetle.
- W-W-W!
(S. Marshak)

Couch potato red cat spent his stomach.

Hedgehog for dinner the mouse is needed.

The hedgehog - ezhata, snake - compressed.

Beetle flies over the meadow.
He was tired of walking.
(G. Vieru)

Buzzing over the honeysuckle beetle.
Heavy on the beetle casing.
(E. Blaginina)

The beetle fell, and cannot stand.
Waiting for it, who will help him.

Live area live snakes and hedgehogs.

Sagwala fly, sauganash spider.

Hedgehog desired beetle for dinner.

Much horror has become, snake Uzice will eat for dinner.
And say: "Adder stung Uzice..."

Over Zhora beetle, buzzing, whirling.
From fear Zhora all shaking.
Why is George so tremble?
Not scary beetle buzzing.
(Starodubov A.)

Golden, like bronze,
Beetle spins near roses.
And buzzing: "Zhu-Zhu, Zhu-Zhu!
Very rose a friend of her!"


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