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Tongue twisters
Practicing whistling sounds [C], [C']


The Zina elder in the basket.
At Zaza Golden vases.
At the fence goat-the goat stared.
Climb goats in a storm in the vine -
Vine goats in a storm bite.
(I. Demyanov)

In the star you will find the letter "C",
And in gold, and rose,
In the earth, in diamond, turquoise,
In the early days, in winter, in the cold.

Lit green star...
Will launch the spaceship there.
(E. Blaginina)

To meet the Serpent and the Serpent wanted.
To meet the Serpent and the Serpent failed.
Snakes in the clouds, and the Snake on earth.
It would Snake down to the Snake.
(M. B. Uspensky)

Here's a fun idea -
To start the thread snake,
The serpent flies above the birches!
Wind serpent, no regrets,
Straight to the sun bore.
(I. Demyanov)

Don't forget the forget-me-not,
These blue eyes.
You name will remind,
That it should not be forgotten.
(M. Uspensky)

Given the boogers help
That's not a shrimp.
The wrong help.
Shrimp is shrimp.
(A. Kondratyev)

See, looking out of the nest
Two young thrush.
The bill will show the first thrush,
And the second will show the tail.


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