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Tongue twisters
Practicing wheezing sound [C]


Easy Blizzard white snow creeps.

The man put the ring on the girl's finger.

Ate well done thirty-three pie with cheese.

Ate, finally, the blacksmith Varentsov.

From a nearby well the whole day the water is flowing.

Chickens and chicken drink tea on the street.

Poor chickens can't sleep if they Fox dream.

Admired chickens chicken:
That neither the chicken, very good!
(A. Capron)

Bought the cuttlefish lace dress...
Goes cuttlefish, brags frock.
(I. Demyanov)

We shared a cucumber:
I the end, you end
And you, Nikolka,
Between the ends of the flaw.
(A. Krestinsky)


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