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Tongue Twisters Terence Travnja*


Lime leaf
The lime sticks.
Stuck - will not TopNet
Lime leaf.


Susan buzzing.
Will pourit - resguide.
He razrugalsya - Portugal.
So Susan Goritsa.


Castle, castle,
Castle on the castle.
The castle was closed,
Not to break.


Goes the girl with a scythe,
Mowing the green grass scythe.
Not the spit that spit,
And the spit that mows.
No mowing, and mowing.
Mows hare oblique,
Not the slash, and not this -
Rabbit eye squints
Winter and summer.


Had become hardened branches of the maple,
Leaves flakes hanging,
Something torn in October
Chose maple her outfit.

Asked if maple flax
Linen cloak themselves in the fall,
But he is very shy,
Did he ask them?

And now stands, blushing,
That suit its simple,
Even the blackened branches,
Turned into deadwood.

Just like the children in the school
The maple leaf to put in the notebook,
Because he's special:
There is somewhere the number five.


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