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Tongue twisters
Development of Sizzling sound [W]


Masha on the pocket poppies and daisies.

Good in the Shekinah ruff, pike are also good.

On highway went with stick and heard the noise of the chassis.

In the porridge - bird.
Hurry, the cat is out of the bowls
Porridge with Midge.

Our player your player perisomatic, pravishanti.

Cuckoo Kukushka bought the hood.
Put Makushok hood,
As in the hood he's funny!
(I. Demyanov)

Were sixteen mice
And found six pennies.
And mouse, that being of the lower orders,
Noisy charité pennies.

In the hut only bumblebee noise.
There, curled, Sasha sleeps.

Quieter mouse! Cat on the roof!
Will noise - he will hear!

Cap Yes coat - here is our Mishutka.

I on the stones went, coat Shelkovo found.

Hurry, do not delay,
Run for a nut.
And nuts are good
You do not wait, hurry up.

Go, go - Patty found.
Sat, ate, went further.

Cap Misha cones are knocked over.

Our path is strewn with peas.
Take a spoonful Yes have some peas.

Whispers to the cat, the rooster:
- See lush scallop?
Whispers cat Cockerel:
- Step step - and bite!

Hedgehog in the bath, washed his ears,
The neck, the skin on the abdomen.
And said to the raccoon hedgehog:
"You're me back rubs?"

There was a truck : on the highway,
Went on, patting his pants.
Step step, will whisper: "Error",
Shevelnesh ears.

Cones on a pine tree,
Checkers on the table.

In the hut six Shalunov.

Organ mumbled and shawls shuffle.

Put the Pasha boots and leggings.

Andryushina machine
Good tyres.

In the bag ft silk.

Write jokes for Delucci and Michael.

Mouse-crumbs in place of crumbs.

Good track pies with potatoes.

Sasha walked down the highway.

Funny jokes Sasha and Michael.

Six little mice in a tent rustle.

Welcome to our hut.

The mother gave Romale whey from the yogurt.

The mouse whispers mouse:
"You rustle, rustle!
Mouse whispers mouse:
- Rustling I'll hush!
(A. Kapralova)

In the meadow ripe clover.
The clover is a cow Masha.
Mashke like lunch:
Nothing better than none!
(A. Shibaev)

Marched forty mice, carried forty pennies.
Two mice, being of the lower orders was carrying two a penny.

Our grey cat sat on the roof.
And your grey cat sat even higher.

They clung to the lamp midges,
Warm thin legs.
Carefully, midges!
Will burn legs!
(Century Lunin)

Sewing the coat - stitched skirt.
Sewed a hat - made sneaker.
A good seamstress Natasha!
(E. Blaginina)

Mache hat tired,
Masha porridge did not finish.
Masha, eat porridge,
The mother nadodi!
(C. Lifshitz)

Sheila Sasha cap soon
Seam scribbling silk sporo.
(A. Gleams)

Here are the kids Masha and Misha.
Masha less Misha above.
Misha Masha writing something.
Guess that says Misha.
(M. Uspensky)

Is there a puddle, you see, Lusha?
You go to where drying.
Go where the puddle already!
Know walks into a puddle of Luz.
(C. Lepilin)

Even the neck, ears
You have soiled in black mascara.
Become quickly under the shower.
Wash with ears in the shower ink.
Wash and neck ink under the shower.
After a shower vitris land.
The neck of land, land ears,
And not packy more ears.

In the tent rustling silks
Yellow dervish from Algeria
And, juggling knives,
The thing eats figs.

Jasper in suede samsel.


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