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Tongue twisters
Development of Sizzling sound [u]


Fins fluttering, and toothy Yes skinny.
The food at lunch, looking, walking pike around bream.
In vain tsitsa pike to drag bream.

In the grove of grass moving, we will nasyplem sorrel.
You, us, mother, don't look - pinch we sorrel on the soup.

Tongs Yes pliers - these are our things.

Pull, not dragged, I am afraid that will not be released.

Wolves prowl, looking for food.

The brush I cleaned the puppy, tickle his sides.

Mother-in-law treated us soup and breams.

Vegetables get will be the soup.

Cabbage soup and porridge - our food.

Chirped goldfinch with weglicki,
Tickled their sehlat,
And meglia-degolia
And segata-Segesta
On Saginaw squeak.

Osherov gap-toothed mouth, the puppy was Setenil his skinny torso.

Pike surenco searching for food.

Maglanoc puny in groves mercilessly cried and squealed.

And now the same brush, brush crackled as ratchet.

Two puppies cheek to cheek pinch brush in the area.

The same overall cross but thicker pour.

The scales pickerel, bristles at pigs.

The goose whiskers don't look - you will not find.

All dandy in panache does not periegesis.

Puppy plaintively Peeps - he pulls a heavy shield.

Pike and bream in the grove will not find.

Skinny mother-in-law son-in-law spared.
A lot of vegetables, cabbage soup and borscht,
Pike cheeks and bream
Feeble son-in-law mother-in-law dragged,
Generously food treated,
Risky tabernacles foreshadowed.


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