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Tongue twisters
Practicing whistling sounds [c], [c']


Sasha brand new sled.

The small Sledge overturned sledges.

The pine-pine grew mushrooms.

In sharp scythe a lot of mowing.
Would be mowing, Yes it was cold.

Hay everyone would sleep in the hay.

The Canopy and Sleigh networks catfish with whiskers.

In seven sledges seven in the sledge sat down themselves.

In the field - all, all, all. In the field, sowing, sowing, sowing.

Oh, damp, damp, damp from dew, dew, dew.

We went out gas - gas we went out.

In the garden grew a rose Bush - a Bush of roses growing in the garden.

Sleeping old elephant,
Standing sleeping he knows how. (S. Marshak)

The chopper Kassian oblique bone matted locks and attired
Will not mow down the chopper Kassian mowing.

Kosi, spit, while the dew.
Dew down - and our home.

Is Senya hay in the canopy.
To sleep on hay will Senya. (N. Egorov)

Sasha walked down the highway and sucked dry.

The village mouse in the area,
Ate the bagel piece.

Eating pussy soup bowls.
Full pussy, empty bowl.

Sat Sparrow on the pine.
Fell asleep and fell asleep.
If he fell off in my sleep -
Still would have been sitting on the pine.

Bought Marusya beads Granny.
In the market tripped a Granny on a goose...
There will be gift for a granddaughter, Marusya:
All beads were pecked by a bead geese.

Fat was soap.

Sasha cap cone knocked.

Pig-nose the whole yard dug, dug paryla to Nora did not Daryl.

Sat in the Falcon goal trunk.

Seven hours and forty-tried, hurry, myself boots rawhide stitched.

Senka-vesenka, take a woman on a sledge: sled jumps, the Czech forehead.

Senya was carrying a load of hay.

Said with a laugh neighbor tit: "Become the squeaky forty seeks!"

Skok, forty, Skok, forty, blind with an eye, crooked side.


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