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Tongue twisters
Practicing the sounds [p], [p']


All beaver kind to their begets little beavers.

Three crows on the gate,
Three magpies on the threshold,
Three trees, three grouse.

Across the river sneaks ferry
Jump on language tongue twisters,
As the steam in the pan.

Reported Yes not corporeal, and became dataportability, taraporevala.

There were crabs, crayfish-bully.
Live crawfish noisy, starting fights.

Two woodcutter, two kovarova
In the courtyard firewood axes cut.

Thirty-three cars in a row
Gibber, rumble.

Three trumpeters blew their trumpets.

On mount Ararat grows large red grapes.

on the grass trail, the grass on the trail.

The eagle on the mountain, the feather on the eagle.

Three tracks, three cuttings.

Because of the forests of the mountains goes grandfather Egor.

Shot hit the quail and grouse.

Missed the crow the crow.

Went Egor through the yard,
Carried an axe to repair the fence.

Queen knight Caravel presented.
The Queen with the knight in the squadron withdrew.

Carl from Clara stole corals, And Clara Carl stole the clarinet.

Went Prokop - boiled dill.
Came Prokom - boiled dill.
As if Prokop boiled dill,
So without Prokop boiled dill.

Peter Petrov called Perov,
Caught a bird-Perepelitsa.

Marina mushrooms marinate.

Petr Petrovich Jumpers arrived from Perm to Rostov.

Catch Polycarpus - three carp, three carp.

In the aquarium at Chariton
Four cancer Yes three Triton.

Axes are sharp up to a pore sharp axes.

For a cockroach with a drum, with the chest with an axe.

The mother gave Romale
The whey from the yogurt.

Jeweler Valery Kalirin in Karelia
Pull corals, polished opals.

Rode the Greek across the river,
Sees Greek in the river cancer.
Put the Greek hand in the river.
Cancer his hand - DAC!

Release of red paint for painting.
Red paint red roof red.

Collected Margarita daisies on the hill
Lost Margarita daisies on the grass.

Brought Prov Egor yard wood mount.

Clara Raya plays the piano.

on the hill, on the hill our hero Egor.

Looking for submissive robot
So did my lessons it without sound.
(M Plackowski)

Rook flies over the river:
Oh look, what
Cancer,cancer, cancer
(A. Shibaev)

Roy mink, old mole had loosened us the garden.

Catches fish angler, all in the river swam catch.

Prepared Larissa for Boris soup with rice.
And Boris Larisa gave iris.

Rhino butt horn.
Don't mess with the Rhino.
(S. Marshak)

The shell is of a turtle,
Hides her head in fear.

Took Valerka plate, took Valerka tray.
Me a plate Valerka on a tray brought.
(In Lifshitz)

Was the Frol - Frol about Laura lied,
Go to Laura - Laura about Frol will something.

Lucky craft caramel, jumped ship aground.
And stranded two weeks caramel sailors ate.

The pharaohs favorite on sapphire was followed by jade.

A young man of pleasant appearance:
Thirty-three miles in circumference.

Andrei and Arina grow dahlias.

Thirty-three trumpeters sound the alarm.

Our sacristan not peraonality.

Kirill-Kirill garden long Meryl.
Meryl, Meryl, stopped, lay down under a tree - tired.

Crab crab made rake.
Filed rake crab crab:
-Steal the hay rake, crab.

In the meadow under the hill
Lay cheese
With beautiful red cork
Forty-forty in the short term
Ate cheese.

Forgot Pankrat house Jack.
And Pancrate without Jack
Do not lift on the road tractor.

Chicken nimble, motley,
Duck toe flat.

Tara Tara Tara-RA!
The porch grass.
Ah, Taree-Taree-Taree,
Buy Paradise of Licari.

Salted Terence mushrooms -
Immediately thirty-three barrels,
Ate Terence mushrooms -
Immediately thirty-three barrels.

On the mountain near the river
Harvest buckwheat.

Strauchi Darya whole day of the accident.

Is slacker at the gate, widely gaping.
And no one will tell where the gate and where the mouth.

Courier courier overtook the bat.

Moves the rook with buckwheat black in the garden on the ridge.

Trosha weaves, tert pan with a rag.

Three Woodman,
Three of the firewood processor,
Three kovarova
Talked about Larue,
Talked about the Stall,
Talked about Laricina wife.


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