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Tongue twisters
Practicing the sounds [p], [p']


Tell us about the purchase.
About what about shopping?
- Purchase, purchase,
About pokupki mine.

Worth a pop at the shock, the cap on the butt, the shock is under pop, pop under the hood

Came Prokop was full of dill,
Went Prokop was full of dill.
And when Prokop boils dill,
And without Prokop boils dill.

Says parrot parrot:
"I love you, parrot, parrot".
Replies the parrot:
"Me parrot, parrot!"

The quail and quail five quail.

The Baker baked pies in the oven.

Went Field weed in the field.

Peter Petrovich, nicknamed the Perov, caught the bird, the lapwing; suffered on the market, asked Boltenko, filed a Nickel, and he was sold.

Quail quail was hiding from the boys.

Peter in the oven baked biscuits and purepac all the pastries.

Told the commander about the Colonel and about Polkowice, about the Colonel and about Podpolkovnik, about Lieutenant and about perucica, about a second Lieutenant and about podporujici, about the ensign about PaperSize about padpr persica, and about pagpapalit was silent.

Talked about Prokopovich. About what about Prokopovich? About Prokopovich, about Prokopovich, about Prokopovich, about your.

Custom made hood not kolpakovskiy, cast bell not Kolokolova, should the cap be perelapachivat, parvicapsula, parvicapsula, perelapachivat.
The Protocol Protocol Protocol record.

There were three Popa, three Procopius Popa, three Prokopovich. Talked about pop, about Procopius pop, about Prokopovich.


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