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Tongue twisters
Practicing the sounds [l], [l']


Was not sorry mom soap,
Mama Mila soap soap.
Mila soap is loved,
But not too Sweet.
Mila - well done!

Sat down and ate.

About Cola bell.

Where kissel, there and ate.

The Christmas tree needles pins.
Tree, tree, tree,
Prickly needles.

Woodpecker sat on the tree and hollowed slits.

Lay lay - rastal, ran away.

In Luke Klim onions tossed.

Malaga egg and milk chatted,
Chatted, chatted, but he blurted out the most.

Stranded we burbot were caught.

Barely Lena was eating, laziness is not wanted.

In the area of Alain village, Alena many things.

The needle-the needle, you're a sharp and chopping.

The hood on the hood under the hood cap.

Stitched cap, but not in kolpakovskiy,
Cast the bell, but not in Kolokolova.

Custom made hood not kolpakovskiy,
Cast bell not Kolokolova.
Should the cap be perelapachivat, parvicapsula,
Bell percholorate, Pereyaslavl.

The dovecote pigeons, and oak acorns.

Angry grandpa Philip -
Sticky glue stuck to it.

The Fox in the guests went to the Fox.

Our Polkan from Baikal lapped.
Polkan lapped - not the shallow lake.

Poured whether Lily? Did Lily?

Cut, chop, hack, sawing
Filia with Kolya, Kolya with the Tenderloin.

Klim, one wedge chop.

We ate and ate Linkov I ate...
Linkov I ate barely ate.

Beets have Thecla IOC and dried.
Dried up and the IOC has not yet faded.

Number around the table, the table near the stake.

White-white! White-white!
The whole land of snow had covered!
(C. Lifshitz)

Ran away, ran away milk.
I barely caught him.
Being a mistress is not easy.
(R. Farhadi)

Breaking the ice was broken we are.
Flying pieces from the winter.
(E. Blaginina)

On the surface of the window glass
Heavy drop glass.
(I. Belyakov)

Hildebrand on Protamine wet boots.
Boots Valenki dry on the bench.
(I. Demyanov)

Neil caught the line:
One small, two longer.

Our hands were in the soap,
We utensils themselves Soaps.
We are doing the dishes themselves,
Helped our mother.
(C. Lifshitz)

Planted grandfather onion, grew onions Chub.
Saw bow grandson, cut the onions Chub.
(M Birthplace)

Jumping, jumping, Scarecrow, Scarecrow,
On one leg in the woods along the path.
Not hopped Raven saw.
Scared, confused,
So stand and left.
(N. Sidelnikov)

Wonder Weasel weasel named:
Not caressing it.
The Affection of evil eyes.
Don't expect a Caress caress!
(A. Shibaev)

About love me do you, darling, prayed
And in the mists of estuaries attracted me?
Stranded we lazily Nalimov caught,
And you told me you changed burbot on Lin.


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