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Tongue twisters
Practicing the sounds [K], [g], [x]


Buy a stack peak.

Smokes Turk tube, bite Turk grains.

Our river is as wide as an Eye.
As an Eye, our wide river.
So, as an Eye, our wide river.

Told them gorilla, saying,
He talked, was sentenced.

About Cola bell.

I sat at Oka, ate the apples.

Kosi, spit, while the dew.
Dew down - and our home.

Put Clava bow on the shelf,
He clicked his Nikolka.

Constantine stated.

Jackdaw sat on the fence,
Rook started a conversation with her.

Messenger with galleys burned.

If Kolya about collie,
And collie about Kolya.

Is goat with oblique goat,
Is goat with bare goat,
Is goat with an oblique goat,
Is the goat with bare goat.

The storm terrible, terrible storm.

Dove, goose and jackdaw - that's the whole rhyme.

If it wasn't for profit Yes no losses.

Crested holeski laughter laughed.

Ear was good, was good ear.
Good ear, if near the eye.
Works good - eat soup at the Oka river.

A pair of birds flew-flew. Yes, and flew.

Good chickens at hollady.


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