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Tongue twisters
Development of Sizzling sound [h]


Winds of its own accord Rechenka river.
Little river - less stream.

At the bridge under Kostochka two foxes, two sisters.

Clean sweep pure pure pure pure.
To be a chimney sweep clean, clean!
(K. Chukovsky)

Sinitchka, Sinikka, Sparrow - sister.

Turtle, not bored, hour sitting with a Cup of tea.

Student taught lessons in his ink cheeks.

Black night, black cat
Jumped into a black chimney.

Four black tsumasaki imp
Traced in black ink drawing.

If a boy cries,
Hence, there is a reason.
If tears hides,
Then he - man.
(E. Blinov)

Read, bookworm, don't spare your eyes.

Siskin in more stuff squeaking.

Hummock Kvochka, Kvochka on the knoll.

All migratory birds mobiles,
Rook cleans the arable land from worms.

Key, key, spring,
Pure wave!
Someone round Cam
Loud beats from the bottom.
(Century Berestov)

Petya wheelbarrow, and Pasha biscuit pack.

The Baker baked the cakes in the oven.

I handle buy the wizard personally -
Such that writes dictation "excellent".
(M Plackowski)

We pechenochka gold carocci.
Hunky-Dory-Kichko, birch some badges of rank.


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