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And maybe do even more radical? What if moose will be the home of the beast? Newborn elk calf tame simple - he's not afraid of man. Losing running away from beaters mother, he hops to the people. These three kids on the sly, with respites got to the moose farm, organized in the Pechero-Ilych nature reserve. Enthusiast tame elk E. Knorre wrote: "Here after the holidays gave them fresh or warmed cow's milk from a bottle with a nipple, they eagerly began to drink. After the first poiki the mooses finally perceived nursing their man as his mother was attached to it. With age, this attachment is not weakened, but rather strengthened and served as one of the main incentives for the retention grown domesticated elk in the area of moose farm in the open pasture in the taiga".

All of domestication - time feed. Do you know another equally affectionate creature? Only a dog... Alas, elk is still not a dog and one week of age, it is necessary to catch and force feed. To tame two weeks the kid needs a Herculean effort. The domestication of yearling and adult moose mostly impossible: when catching they often die of a broken heart valves is the result of a nervous shock.

The Pechero-Ilych nature reserve is not the only place, where the re-elk near Kostroma about 15 years ago elk farm was founded by A. P. Mikhailov. Anyway, the new is well forgotten old. In the middle ages in Scandinavia elks were harnessed to the sleigh, in Sweden there was even an army elk cavalry". In 1869, a Russian naturalist and traveler, A. F., Middendorf was convinced the powers that be: "Ought by all means to facilitate the management of elk in pet. It is very Etobicoke".

After this brief summary, again will go to the Pechero-Ilychsky elks. Sometimes they want to be tamed half: domesticated women join the wild suitors, and expel them from the territory of the moose farm is not easy. Savages attracts and free rations: aspen and birch brooms, potatoes.

A herd of elks home increased. Cow giving birth to a baby ten days were not allowed into the forest. During this time the elk forever tied to people. Then the mother and child were free lifestyle walked through the forest, as their heart desires. In the autumn, when it became holodnovata, the elk themselves were offspring on the farm.

The reserve began breeding meat and dairy taiga animals. The elk-cow milking was used easily. First, they were taught a simple touch of the hand. Then stroked the udder, and ended it with that long-legged cows come from taiga to watch the milking. To the mooses at the time of withdrawal of the milk does not get in the way, they are immediately condemned on nursing nipples.

Some people will wonder: "why milking moose, cows, perhaps, a little?" Now for what. In the Yaroslavl medical Institute found that moose milk to treat gastrointestinal diseases and metabolic disorders. In color it is similar with condensed cow's milk, but the taste itself: it subtle refreshing taste forests, pine needles... (by the Way, from elk antlers is possible to manufacture the drug is not worse than the famous "pantocrine").

Working elks hassle anymore. When they were taught to reason, they were so nervous that the body temperature jumped up from 38.5° to 40.7°. Had to work to take elk melancholic. And here is the result. The best workers moose brawler and the Urals was not afraid nor the roar of the planes or "sneezing" machines. Unfortunately, the habit is a dangerous thing - often working elks took wolves for dogs and for this mistake was paying her head.

Still, the wolves had not eaten all workers. Now you can ride on the elk-top or sit in a sleigh, pulled horned traction power. Power is remarkable - off-road, cluttered and marshy taiga moose carries 120 pounds of cargo.

But in summer, moose can only work at night. Remember they don't sweat, and sometimes died from excess heat. But in the winter, these four-legged ready to serve man hours.

Alces usually nervous in unfamiliar surroundings. But among them there are individuals with nerves of iron. One elk lived far from the reserve, in the Volga region. Nursed spouses Elizarova, he along with his foster mom was on the side of the highway 80 kilometers to Gorky, when this wasn't afraid of anything. The drivers of the trucks were horrified when the woman asked for a ride. Having done the hard way, elk climbed the stairs to the office of chief ohotinspektora Gorky region. There's four-legged visitor to night waiting for decisions on their fate.

...Viagenie people and released Alces, seeing in the forest person, usually reach for him. There was a case when such a trusting heart poacher stabbed with a knife.

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