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Some people think that moose are not from the beautiful life began to turn trees into sticks. Elk became too much. They are starving and sick. They all tend to be underdeveloped horns, females go alawami not bear cubs.

Moose are looking for a place under the sun, spread across the map, as the oil slick on the water. They showed up almost on the shores of the Black and Azov seas. Persistently pave the way to the Caucasus and in Western Europe: in 1958 the first three moose were seen in Czechoslovakia, and soon Alces appeared in Germany. Penetrate and they North: several animal fate forced to winter in the open tundra. Among the scrubby thickets of willows.

In search of feeding stations for moose come to the city, settle next to the highway. One stag came to Kronstadt. Not finding for yourself here tolerable conditions, went back to the continent. The emergence of elk near the Ring motorway and on the outskirts of Moscow has become an ordinary phenomenon. The most courageous travelled almost in the center of a huge city. For example, moose were taken from Taganskaya square. (By the way, Muscovites useful to know the phone organizations involved in the trapping of wild animals caught on the streets: 268-28-68).

Mostly moose visit the townspeople in the spring when females are distilled off from himself last year's calves and they are looking for is not engaged in feeding areas. It turns out that four-legged orphans are drawn to people. The matter went so far that in the Leningrad region on the streets and on highways and Railways dies twice more elk than from wolf teeth. But moose does not like the noise of the city, by nature he is uncommunicative.

If he reluctantly lives near the porch, then go aimlessly when will tie the goat. It works to have no wants, people are often not a hindrance. In the newspaper "Izvestia" that was the message that fine day in Voroshilovgrad oblast in the garden was a cow with her calf. Not paying attention to working people, she began to pluck the apples and throw them to the child. Tractor, noting that along with the apples on the ground fly and branches, was intended to interrupt the meal. But the elk had attacked the offender, and he barely managed to hide in the tractor cab.

People rejoice in seeing moose in a suburban Park. Isn't the success of conservation! Of course, it is interesting to walk next to the elk. But is it worth a blind eye, for example, that in forestry "Russian forest" near the Oka reserve from year to year Alces completely ate plantations. Even greater losses in Saratov and Tula region. The losses caused by the elks famous Tula forests, exceeded three million rubles.

How many moose can endure forest? In the book of J. S. Rusanov "Hunting and protection of fauna" said one elk grazing on ten acres, not touching twenty young trees out of a hundred. Other calculations show that in the European part of the country's forest apartment each elk should be a hundred hectares. Third, it is equally reasonable estimates indicate: in the middle of our country for the prosperity of the forest should not be more than one elk at 300 acres. Maybe to take the cautious figure? Correctly suggest, once burned, twice to blow on the water.

However, hunger and disease took on the responsibilities of hunters and wolves and have already started to do their dirty work among elk.

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