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Now read. "Moose, wounded in the stomach or ass, if its not to bother, for the most part goes for a mile, two, lies and bleed... If the bullet will hit the elk in the leg, that is a lot of red blood; if the bullet will hit in the chest and hit the inside bleeding from a wound in small quantities, clotted and dark..."

Blood, blood and blood. For centuries, all over the trail elk life... Now calculated that in rich moose Leningrad and Pskov regions in one of the extracted elk shoot on average seven times. In the Kirov region is calculated and the number of man-days spent for the slaughter of one elk license: utility bills - 2.3, tracking - 7,0.

Poachers same person-days not believe. They are ready to shoot anything that gets in your eyes. However, athletes from hunting does not preclude you know that meat is overworked, exhausted animals and wounded is not like an animal caught in one shot. Elk in fear rushes under the barrel of a gun, in his muscle consumes glycogen and accumulation of metabolic products. As a result, even meat will be tough and when cooked will give a dull, tasteless broth. Such meat blue-violet, with a pungent smell.

Experts complain about low-skilled Amateur hunters. But why not give the hunt only to professionals?

If you shoot the gun, stuffed ditilinom that ten minutes is broken down in the body of the elk meat can be fried and soar. If flying syringe other fashionable product for immobilization of animals - sernylan, meat is not.

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