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As we, the elk lives while breathing. But in winter it gives rest to the edges - makes 11 of respiratory movements per minute, that is seven times less than in summer. It's wise - less heat is lost during breathing. And yet in the cold moose famously. If the body has cooled to 34°, he warm up will not be able. Therefore lideresam wind and falls in the snow. From snow sticking only to the ears. These locators osupivaja locality: squeak of snow under boots moose hears per kilometer. But with vision trouble standing person will not notice and a hundred steps.

Is the elk in the snow, ears rolling in, but from side to side, not reloaded. And it is not necessary - the snow under him nocoleche does not melt. Such a wonderful insulator, the skin becomes winter, disappear when the sweat glands. And on the run, elk will not wsocket, and snow will be dry.

But any two-edged sword. In winter, from overheating to get easy - to miss more cold air into the lungs, to loll out in the cold or to grab the snow hot mouth. And what about summer?

The easiest way to put on a summer dress. Moose do: pusle spring molt recover the sweat glands. But sweat elks bad. On a hot day to run at a gallop for them still to be decided on suicide - body temperature will jump up to forty, and elk enough heat stroke. Blame bad evaporating thick grease.

It would seem to add to the pot of water, and powerful animal will cease to pine away heat. Evolution judged differently: from the sun to hide in the shadows, Z. everyday things can be timed to the night cold. It is more important to escape from mosquitoes and horseflies, from which the shadow will not sit around. Therefore, the evolution and instructed the grease to protect elk from bloodsuckers.

And yet the mighty stags shed a lot of blood. Here is what on this occasion, wrote Professor B. P. Manteifel: "Insect bloodsuckers die from contact with grease, as this will clog their breathing pores. Vulnerabilities at the elks remain only pastern decline front legs, knees, back and ears. Foot in these places often attacked by midges to bloody ulcers. To be saved from bites, elk forced prolonged standing above the knees in the water, and often dip in her head, long ears flapping".

Flapping ears plight. Horseflies and mosquitoes is enough that will tear chlapowski ears, will come with grease, nothing. And then - death.

In the summer of 1971 in Privacyware (the left Bank of the Ob river) for ten minutes ordinary net caught 1603 the gadfly. The gadfly is ready to suck 300 mg blood, and after the red thread long stretches of wounds in the saliva of bloodsucking Universiada substances.

In the season two-winged bloodsuckers took the life of five hundred of the local elks. The autopsy showed a complete bleeding of animals.

Here are the notes of the witnesses. "Exhausted by the continuous onslaught of mosquitoes, moose for a few days before his death fell into prostration. They... didn't pay attention to people, dogs, cars, motor boat. Animals were allowed to wash himself with water, smoke smoke and not bothered to offer food. In Searscom ohotohozyaystvo... such techniques were trying to save the moose, but the efforts of the Rangers were in vain. Apparently, in animals has been some irreversible violations, and to bring back to life their was impossible". Probably, together with blood loss elks suffered from a powerful infusion of toxins. Remember, how much time itchy bump from mosquito bite and some blister sujet after a meal, the gadfly.

Perhaps the most vile tormentor elk still not a gadfly, and elk gadfly. To resurface the fly, and powerful animals in a panic rushing anywhere. The experience of our ancestors tells them how horrible meeting with the gadfly, which is taken in a broad nose and lays there the larvae. Those rastermusic on the mucous membrane swells to four inches. Moose lives as if in constant asthma attack in his airway something like live tube, gag. He coughs, trying to free themselves from murderers, Slims. If the elk withstood the torture, ripped gadfly larvae pupate and fall out. Here, finally, it is possible to take revenge on them: in water pupae gadfly will never turn into flies will die. Hence, the habit of moose to hang around in the pond should be considered ecological lever to reduce the number of nasopharyngeal horseflies.

And it would be nice if the water is not trapped by the other stuff - the causative agent of professionalise. The larvae of this parasite do not know anything about moose nose and not develop it, and gelatinous bodies small freshwater mollusks, glued to the coastal plants. Chewed a stalk, elk swallows and shellfish, along with their larvae. Those that do it. Intermediate hosts of these parasites - shellfish cannot live in acidic water peat bogs. When the forest pond bulldozer moves peat pillow and acidified water, sterile pool climb 20-30 elk. And not in vain zoologist B. Kuznetsov suggested that moose can be treated on the outside with the help of a bulldozer.

Don't know how much joy in elk life, but grief enough. Here's another problem: Alces often drowned during freeze-up, when a fragile young ice prolamines under their ponderous body. Animals trying to get out on the ice, break ribs, teeth clung to the edge. But all in vain. However, there are unusual cases. Here is one. Once in the suburbs in wormwood, was hit by a number of elks. Seasoned old moose may inadvertently, or maybe specially, spins squeezed the cub, as we compressible fingers slippery cherry pit. And the cub was on the ice. It's going to look even more strange. The huntsman Century Fatty noticed a huge male persistently pushed the elk to the edge of the ice. The twenty minutes unsuccessfully threw the front hooves on the ice. Finally, successfully leaned back legs on the back of a giant and climbed out of the water. Coincidence or self-sacrifice?

But, as they say, the flowers. The worst is still ahead. Only unsweetened berries.

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