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Spring is the season of love, synonymous with happiness. The elks and their orders here - love disturbs their soul in the autumn from August to October. Males during the rut satisfied with fierce fighting. Folly, they and the person can see your opponent. Should not carelessly staring at an angry giant: the shock of the lightning hooves. If he pressed his ears back, go away - moose is ready to attack.

Often touched by seeing several animals together, they say, what knit family. Horned head of the family isn't here, after the rut dad don't care about the mother or the children. He don't care whether there will be a sweet spring day one or that it happens often, two funny awkward elk.

They are born red-perugini. Legs like stilts, they still do not wear white stockings, as parents. The first week the kids spending under Bush, and then walk for mom and learn how to browse on the leaves of Osiek and birches. Delicious grass leggy young vegetarians to get can't. What is ridiculous to crawl on their knees they start later than to walk!

Ciconiiformes children mother almost four months watered excellent milk in which the fat in three, and proteins in five times more than cow's milk. Drinking in the day liter or two of such concentrated solution, newborn desyatikilogrammovy baby to fall pull not less quintal. But in winter, it's a bad life - hungry and cold. And growth stops.

The mooses like a mother. Even the two-year-old rascal sometimes unable to part with maternity skirt and go for the uterus as attached. However, they are still children (childhood and adolescence is not very short - full physical development ends to five years, and life is not very long twenty-year-old elk very old).

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