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Paying tribute to the history, let's physiology.

The shabby moose has some similarities with exotic giants with giraffes and elephants. The similarity is not in the fact that they are all four-legged mammals, and in many curious particulars. Note that the limbs of the elk is very long, almost zhirafi, although he himself only with the horse. Elk teeth as two drops of water similar to the teeth giraffe - both sculpted by evolution in the form of wood kidneys. Moose, of course, not the elephant, but extremely strong mobile upper lip, hanging from a horned snout, they have in common, because the trunk is not that incredibly enlarged upper lip.

However, our elk just can't be a bright personality. Take the earring is a skin growth, dangling on the neck. Why such an adornment, and the adornment whether it is still known only to mother nature. And another feature: hair on the belly of the elk facing forward, the other animals this does not happen.

Features features, but moose is just a deer on high legs (subfamily elks included in the suborder ruminant series artiodactyls, which brought together all the deer and antelope). Thanks to the membrane between the cloven hoof easily elk wanders through a muddy swamp. He effortlessly crosses the river. It costs nothing to jump over through the six-foot fence, walk per day 30-40 kilometers. But this journey he takes in exceptional situations - lazy. Taketh slowly, mainly step; sometimes for a day of four-calving will not work and kilometers.

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