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So, in the old elks was little. But by the end of the last century, when factories began to devour thousands of hectares of forest and clearings appeared abundant food Losino - young woody growth, the elk population began to grow by leaps and bounds. This has not gone unnoticed. Earls and barons, "every" and postolova peasants did all that more moose gave up the Ghost. It again has become very small, and in 1919 was again declared the banning of hunting elk in the European part of the country.

You have noticed several times used the phrase "the European part of the country."

But moose live in Siberia. Customs at the local elk steep, harsh. No wonder Siberian hunters, going for prey, would say: "bear go - bed steel, elk go - coffin teshie". Siberian moose, pressed his back to the tree, the front hooves dashing deals with the wolf pack. Yes there wolf - sharp front hoof can lay and bear. However, the European elk is also not harmless.

Now on Earth there are about a million and a half moose: more than 700 thousand in our country, half a million in Canada, there are moose in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Occasionally they are caught in the United States, in Northern Mongolia and northeast China. But Western Europe has lost their moose in the XVIII century.

Recently on the coast of lake Ladoga found the axe, made from the bones of elk. This axe six thousands of years. (Elk bones do not turn yellow with time, and can be treated as the tusks of elephants.) In Ancient Rome axes and knick-knacks from the elks do - elk were brought to participate in the solemn processions and ceremonies. In the middle ages, their ears and the tongue was considered a Prime delicacy. But the elk were good not only for lunch: I thought that the jacket of his skin saved from the vicious blow with a dagger. Durable black hoof also allegedly possessed a mysterious power is guaranteed from epilepsy. This medicine is in the form of an amulet he wore around his neck. And similar to the plow branchy horns went on handles for knives. And finally, the last bar skin with elk knees knocked skis.

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