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The children of Russia, a country with a predominantly Orthodox traditions, probably, it is difficult to understand what to do with Easter and the Easter eggs are rabbits. And it came from the Catholic world and its traditions. In some countries of Europe and North America there is a tradition Easter morning to hide Easter eggs. Children waking immediately rush to search the whole house. Since eggs are not taken out of nowhere, in the end, the kids find a "nest" the Easter Bunny with lots of colored eggs. Easter Bunny as a symbol of fertility and wealth became a symbol of Easter in Germany from the sixteenth century and has since spread around the world. In rabbits make toys and sweets and Souvenirs, components sometimes whole families or different professions.
And in the Scandinavian countries to decorate their Easter house Easter flowers - yellow, green and white; in homes everywhere set yellow chick framed colored fancy feathers. This is because in the celebration of Easter they also celebrated the arrival of spring.
We offer to your attention coloring attributes Easter: Easter eggs, rabbits, chickens.
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