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Crowds of fans not let you pass and girlfriends looking with envy. And all because of the fact that you had to be born beautiful. For those who are desperate to cope with this trouble, here are a few of the effects as quickly pournami!

1. Getting up in the morning, first of all take care that fundamentally it is a secret. Welcome bold arrow to the temple and thick-thick layer of Foundation.

2. Safely use the first cosmetics: mom's cream for aging skin, tetina powder three years ago and dandruff shampoo older sister is fine.

3. Once and for all eliminate from the diet of vegetables, fruits and dairy products. Easy on spicy, fatty, sweet and flour. Is all of this needs as much as possible, especially in the evening and at night.

4. If you smoke, don't listen to anyone and in any case do not throw this lesson! Better yet, switch to the strongest cigarette without filter.

5. Go to bed only in the morning. This will save you from "sleeping beauty", which happens to be from 23 to 24 hours.

6. Sleep only with closed window.

7. In no case do not wash away makeup at night.

8. How can less be in the fresh air and a little longer in a stuffy and smoky areas.

9. And most importantly: never, under any circumstances, do not do sports!

If you will carefully follow these tips, you will be able to put yourself five years and get rid of the hated natural glow. Smile will soon cease to be so defiant dazzling and cough and persistent smell of tobacco will be your constant companions. The dark circles under the eyes, sustainable ashy skin color and a few extra pounds will relieve you from envious women's views. If you are lucky, you can pour pimples or visit the allergies! And, most importantly, you will finally be rid of annoying Boyfriends and girlfriends will sigh with relief, because it will cease to see competition in your face. Cheers - you won!

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