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Bouquet of tulips is one of the traditional gifts on March 8. Let's learn how to draw these wonderful spring flowers!
The painted bouquet of tulips is a beautiful and wonderful gift, while being more durable than real flowers!

Draw a Tulip

Step 1. Will start with that note on the paper "reference" point. It should be centered on the page and at a distance of about 1/3 from the top edge of the sheet.

Step 2. Planned future outline of the flower. For this pencil draw this "plug". Our anchor point must be in the center of this plug, as shown in the figure.


Draw a Tulip

Step 3 . Now let us outline the contours of the leaves. The leaves of the Tulip long and wide. The line contours of the leaves to hold from the lower end of our fork and bend these lines in the upper part slightly outwards.


Draw a Tulip

Step 4. Now start to draw the petals of a Tulip. Note that the outer edge of the petal more rounded than the external line of "fork". Thus, our Tulip will have a bowl shape. The inner edge of the petals is a simple arc that goes to the center of the flower - anchor point.


Draw a Tulip

Step 5. Similarly, draw a second, symmetric, petal. Please note that Tulip will look more realistic if one petal slightly overlap the edge of the other at the bottom.


Draw a Tulip

Step 6 . And, finally, in the centre draw another petal.


Draw a Tulip

Step 7 Perehodim to the stalk and leaves. The stem of the Tulip thick - draw two lines on each side of the reference line is the "handle" our "fork". The outer edges of the leaves swipe harvested the contour, and the inner arc going to the stalk.

And that's all. Our Tulip ready. Paint it by connecting your imagination!

Draw a TulipDraw Tulip
Draw a TulipDraw Tulip
Draw a Tulip


Tulips are amazing flowers, they have a variety of forms. You could slightly change the shape of the lines and you have an entirely different view of Tulip:

Draw a Tulip

A Cup of this Tulip is wider than the first image. In addition, we added two more petals. They are at the rear, behind the Central petal.


Draw a Tulip


Practice drawing tulips, you can create entire patterns of these colors:


Draw a Tulip


Or, as we said at the beginning of the lesson, draw a beautiful bouquet as a gift for the mother on March 8!


Draw a Tulip


© based on the ideas Jeff Scarterfield


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