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What could be nicer than receiving a bouquet of roses! But you can give the painted roses.
You think to draw roses - too difficult? And we will learn to draw a simple rose.
And let for inspiration, as well as the original, we use the picture of this flower.

Draw a roseDraw a rose



Draw a rose

Step 1. Draw flower rose let's start with this angular spiral. Start with the center and make three round clockwise from the inside out. Note that the spiral should be oval and not round.


Draw a rose

Step 2. Now start drawing the petals. For this you need to spend from the center of the spiral at a right angle to the left and down an imaginary line length 3 height of this spiral and put a small dot on the end of the segment. Can not be limited to the imaginary straight line and hold it without pressing hard on the pencil. But once you put a point blank period we will no longer be useful.

From the obtained point slide up S-shaped line, as shown in the figure.


Draw a rose

Step 3. From this point draw another S-shaped line, only rotated in the opposite direction. It needs to hold up to the outer left edge of our spiral.


Draw a rose

Step 4. The last reverse S similar to the second, only the deviated to the left.


Draw a rose

Step 5. From the point that we have outlined in step 2, swipe up and to the right a rounded curve. At the top it should end at the same point, in which the ends of the S-shaped curve, drawn in step 2.

So we drew the first petal!


Draw a rose

Step 6. Another rounded curve're finished drawing the left petal. It goes to the second S-shaped curve (made in step 3) and ends approximately 1/4 of its height from the top edge.

The second petal is ready! And already there is a rose!


Draw a rose

Step 7. In this step, we need to make our spiral volumetric. How? Much easier than it seems at first glance. We just need to spend 5 short segments.
Start with the point that you have finished drawing a spiral in step 1. Swipe from it to a large segment of the right lobe.
The next piece is next to the first one comes from the angle of the spiral, which is to the left. It also needs to end where the line comes a big leaf.
Three more trasacco, which are also conducted, starting from the corners of the spiral must end on the lines of this spiral.


Draw a rose

Step 8. Rose is almost ready. Now let's draw underneath the flower receptacle.


Draw a rose

Step 9. From the receptacle will hold down the stem of the rose.


Draw a rose

Step 10. It remains to draw the leaves. Look carefully at the picture at the top of the page to explore the structure of the leaf of a rose. The rose sheet compound consists of several leaves on a single stem.
Draw one petiole.


Draw a rose

Step 11. And on the petiole draw the leaves. They have roses egg shape.


Draw a rose

Step 12. Similarly, draw the second complex sheet.

Rose is ready. Now you can paint!

If the picture you can't, and you wanted to give someone painted you a rose, don't worry! Download this picture of the rose in its original size (it is drawn by a felt-tip pen and digitized), print it out and paint would make a wonderful gift!


Idea - Jeff Scarterfield, adaptation -


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thanks you taught me to draw a rose

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