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Learn to draw a balloon on the steps...

General principle: we need to start with simple shapes and then add the details. To depict a balloon with a basket, first draw a circle and a rectangle, and then Parisi details


You will need:

Paper, a pencil, colored pencils, eraser.

Draw a balloon 1
First namet the dome of the ball. A simple pencil draw a square outline, and it is a circle.
Draw a balloon 1
Namet under the ball of the basket in the form of a small rectangle with sides approximately equal to one third of the diameter of the ball, and put the two lines of the edges of the basket with the ball.
Draw a balloon 1
Obrisi precisely the contour of the dome of the ball - he narrows at the bottom. Lead line two longitudinal cords, ilusha to the basket...
Draw a balloon 1
...and cross-section, encircling the ball.
Draw a balloon 1
Namet figure weaving baskets.
Draw a balloon 1
Draw the burner - heater air.
Draw a balloon 1
Parisi parts of the globe. Dorisol mesh ball. Erase eraser extra lines.
Draw a balloon 1
Now Parisi weave baskets.
Draw a balloon 1
Our balloon was ready! Left his paint!


"Funny ideas", №4, 2009


Drawing lessons

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Class thank you!!!!!!!
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kruto for 3 min
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very cool
Ayr (Alena)
2013-12-21 11:27:44
cool cool cool let us respect those who invented it
Anna Maria
2013-12-13 14:16:36
it's not difficult . but roughly!
2013-11-07 14:20:34
this class (11 YEARS)
Egor 10 years Belarus, Polotsk
2013-10-26 13:47:39
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