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Homedrawing LessonsDraw angels with oil paints


Explore: oil paint - material of these artists. Paintings in oil, preserved for centuries. From gouache, acrylic and watercolors, they differ in that a long time to dry and not diluted with water. Working with them requires care and patience, for let the mother decide whether or not you have to use oil paints.
Kids this material is not suitable! The same figure they can do with gouache or acrylic.

Draw angels

Draw white cat

Oil paint on a specially primed canvas slung on cardboard or wooden frame. It leaves stains on clothing and furniture, so be sure to leave the table and try not to dirty.


Draw white cat

Oil paints are sold in tubes. Vidovi a little from each tube on the palette on the perimeter. Rest in color from light to dark. In the center, leave the place for mixing paints.


Draw white cat

First experiment: mix any color with white paint and linseed oil will get a lighter shade. Add a little yellow, and so on.


Draw white cat

Download and print the picture of the angels. The pencil transfer it to canvas. Sacras the background of dark-blue colour, translucency color near figurines with the help of a diluent.


Draw white cat

The main colors of paint large plane: yellow - wings, pink - face, white - clothes.


Draw white cat

Climb to brush a lot of paint and do colored strokes to draw details: feathers on the wings, hair, eyes.


Draw white cat

Draw a yellow halo. Do not be afraid if the brush will take a bit blue background color - this will give the image depth.


Draw white cat

On the edge of the clothes do the blue shadow. Because the background is still wet, you can RUB a little bit of yellow paint. Get the glow from the angel.


Draw white cat

Put drops of stars in the sky.

While drawing dunk the brush in linseed oil and watery cloth.

At the end of work immediately wash brush.

Fun ideas, No. 1 (2009)


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Super Cool
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Beauty! Thank you very much!
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I can't stand the angels
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Class! I really liked it!
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Very nice!
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You have awesome drawings!
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I have a bunch of colors. And what no and oil and acrylic, etc. etc.

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