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Anyone of us at least once in my life had been bitten by mosquitoes, these annoying insects bloodsuckers? But let's try to draw... kind of cute, not harmful gnat. So:

The gnats

You will need:

Pencil, eraser, markers

The gnats
First draw a circle - this will be our head of gnats. To make it look nicer, draw a large oval in the upper part of the circle - this will be the eyes. Remember - the more the better!
The gnats
Now draw the breast and abdomen - two oval. The first should be small, and the second elongated and narrow.
The gnats
Planned 4 pens. Each handle consists of oval and long, narrow rectangle. All 4 legs should move away from the breast!
The gnats
Two simple curved lines denote the legs of a mosquito. The proboscis is long and narrow rectangle.
The gnats
To add to our gnats attractiveness, take an eraser and a pencil and Prorsum in more detail some parts of his body. The abdomen will make pointed at the bottom and extend on the sides. And handles will perishes fingers, two on each: one short finger and one long.
The gnats
Legs will make thicker. Proboscis will do long and pointed. Note that the upper part of the proboscis should be under the right eye, but to be on the left. You can add eyebrow.
The gnats
The mosquito is not a mosquito without wings! Denote behind 4 wing rectangles.
The gnats

Will Prorsum wings. Note: they should be more narrow around the body, from where ferries and wider from the opposite end.

Finally, draw the circles-the pupils in the eyes.

The gnats

Now you need to paint your gnat black and gray. Wings better not to trace the black - use grey, they are so thin.

The drawing is ready! Congratulations! You painted a good, not bloodthirsty gnat, which will live forever and will not harm you!


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2014-06-04 16:31:38
I drew this happened prikolnenko
2013-09-25 19:16:04
after the turtle, and it is possible to draw))
2013-07-08 19:46:11
Funny there!
And it's hard to draw!
Regina Badretdinov
2013-06-15 13:26:08
not very difficult
2013-06-10 18:01:14
Very beautiful gnats came out!
2013-04-06 08:18:41
and for half a minute drew
2013-02-24 14:15:53
Yeah people just fantasy over here they comaroff and paint!?
The Katya
2013-01-26 16:26:30
Legkovye somehow. But I like my result.
2013-01-22 19:27:21
It is difficult to draw a mosquito!

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