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How great that you can stain your hands in the paint, and no one will force you
immediately wash hands, and even more to blame.
Why? Yes, because we will teach you to draw the Cam and fingers.
Offer to draw a bright seahorses,
although you can represent anything: caterpillar, Zebra and even dragon

Figure - seahorses


Draw a seahorse
Prepare gouache bright shades of red, orange and yellow colors.


Draw a seahorse
Nakapag paint different colors on the paper or saucer. McNee in the paint Cam.


Draw a seahorse
Add a Cam to the paper, placing the imprint of the phalanges of the fingers - it will be a headache.


Draw a seahorse
Next to the first imprint make a vertical mark in the trunk.


Draw a seahorse
Prints tail do with the little finger.


Draw a seahorse
The tip of the tail draw with a finger, putting dots.


Draw a seahorse
Cotton swab put points-eyes white gouache, and then the dark eyes.


Draw a seahorse
Lateral Cam make an imprint torso a little seahorse. Tail Dorisol wand.


Draw a seahorse
Bubbles draw prints caps of different sizes, dipped in white paint.


Draw a seahorse

"Funny ideas", No. 6 (2009)


Drawing lessons

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