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Figure - the Golden Cockerel

At first sight it is difficult to guess how and what made this Golden picture.
The singularity of it is technique and materials used.
Prepare the cardboard, glue, gold paint in a spray can and a sponge for shoes.
Now let's create a Golden masterpiece!

Draw Golden picture
On thick paper or cardboard, draw a pencil drawing.


Draw Golden picture
Just in pencil contours apply PVA glue and let it thoroughly dry.


Draw Golden picture
Gold spray paint cover the entire sheet of paper with a picture.


Draw Golden picture
After drying, wipe the picture sponge for shoes that are a little "age" figure.


Golden picture

"Funny ideas", No. 6 (2009)


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2013-02-15 14:47:51
Just very cool !!
2013-01-25 13:56:02
How cool predominent was nedodumali.
2012-12-10 22:02:27
I auaiau to draw
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