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You will need:

a large sheet of paper, poster mastic, paint, pieces of paper,
all items (mugs, cups, cups of yogurt).

On slips of paper then trace round objects with a pencil. Cut out the circles.

Draw shaggy men


Poster putty stick the slices on a sheet of paper. Leave between them enough space.

Draw shaggy men


Thick brush, dip into the paint. Do light strokes from the center to the edge: when finished do a PAP smear, the pressure on the brush should be minimal.

Draw shaggy men


Paint a similar way, the rest of the slices. Use paints of different colors.

Draw shaggy men


Ockley paper circles and thin brush draw faces. Wait until dry.

Draw shaggy men


Faces can be drawn and sad, and funny. Some individuals can draw freckles.

Draw shaggy men

Based on the book
Fiona Campbell, "I can draw"


Drawing lessons

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