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Homedrawing Lessonsa Terrible sunset


You will need:

a large sheet of paper, thin cardboard, paint, a small piece of sponge, straw.

Mix yellow and orange paint. Paint the mixture a large sheet with a sponge. Wait until dry.

Draw a scary sunset bats


Fold the cardboard in half. On one half of the fold and draw a half bat. Engrave.

Draw a scary sunset bats


Develop a bat and put it on the painted sheet. Circle the mouse pencil.

Draw a scary sunset bats


In the same way draw on painted sheet another bat, only develop a cardboard stencil to the other side.

Paint bats black. Draw all eyes in white and inside - black pupils. Lead line of the mouth - arc and below it two sharp tooth-triangle.

Draw a scary sunset bats


Black ink dissolve water. This paint make a few drops in the bottom of the figure.

Draw a scary sunset bats


Put the straw to the drops and much Podul it. You'll get a scary trees.

Draw a scary sunset bats

Finished picture:

Draw a scary sunset bats

Based on the book
Fiona Campbell, "I can draw"


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2014-02-26 20:38:24
2013-09-26 18:17:34
Cool. :-)
2013-07-10 14:50:07
cool but not very mouse volatile
2013-02-24 18:21:48
Yes cool!
2012-12-07 18:12:52
croute. I advise you to draw
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