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Homedrawing Lessonsa Dish of monsters


You will need:

a large sheet of paper, ruler, pencil, knife, fork and spoon, paint, paper plate.

Put down the knife, fork and spoon onto a sheet of paper, as shown in the figure. Then trace them with a pencil.

Draw a dish of monsters


Draw horizontal and vertical lines with a ruler and pencil to get the cloth in the box.

Draw a dish of monsters


Paint knife, fork, spoon and cell tablecloths.

Draw a dish of monsters


Take a paper plate and draw on its edge red border.
Draw lots of delicious food: circles, spots, "sausages" of different colors...

Draw a dish of monsters


Draw faces to get a terrible monster.

Draw a dish of monsters


Put the plate in the center of the "tablecloth". If you want, glue the plate to the table.

Draw a dish of monsters

Based on the book
Fiona Campbell, "I can draw"


Drawing lessons

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