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Rocket in space

You will need:

a sheet of black paper, poster mastic or adhesive pencil,
paint, old toothbrush, a piece of paper.


On a piece of paper draw a few stars and one or two mug - planet. Cut them.


Five-pointed star paint:
How to draw a five-pointed star
Rocket in space

Fold the paper in half. Draw half of a rocket on the bend, as shown in the figure.
You can, of course, to draw the rocket as a whole, in the usual way. But in our method, the rocket will be symmetric, and if you just draw it, you are unlikely to succeed exactly the same.

Cut out the rocket, not straightening sheet of paper. When you finish the cut, spread your rocket.

Draw a rocket into space

Stick a rocket, stars and planets on a sheet of black paper poster putty (stationery glue is not necessary, because in the end, these details will need to reapply). If you have no poster putty, fit and glue the pencil, only do not put glue parts too thick - enough pairs of strokes, so the details are not moved during operation.

Draw a rocket into space

Dip the toothbrush into the paint (white, yellow, orange...).
To spray paint on paper, slide your finger across the bristles of the brush towards you.
Attention! Before you spray, lay the table with old newspaper, not to perpacket it!

Draw a rocket into space

Rasbridge paints of different colors. Wait until dry.

Take off all attached leaves. If on black paper traces the adhesive pencil, wipe them with a cloth.

Draw a rocket into space

A thin brush paint the rocket, stars and planets.

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Based on the book
Fiona Campbell, "I can draw"


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