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Put the BLOB in a notebook or a stain on the tablecloth is always a shame. What if specially to paint blobs and blotches of color on a sheet of paper in the form of company funny geezer? I wonder what would happen...

BLOB - unseen animals

You will need:

Watercolor, markers, water-based, paper

Not every marker you can "smear" of water. Need to try. For example, even the path gel pen, "mahmutitsa" from moisture.

Draw geezer
A thin marker or gel pen drawing on paper eyes and a smile future geezer.
Draw geezer
Clean wet brush lead the eye contour appears shade. Now draw the body and also lead a damp brush to contour.
Draw geezer
Wet the brush with paper and make a few blobs of thick paint.
Draw geezer
When the paint dries, draw the outline on top of the torso, ears and eyes. Eyes can paint white gouache.
Draw geezer
Line drawn gel pen, can be moistened with a wet brush - they become "fuzzy".


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2013-12-02 12:41:46
I know from kindergarten
2013-04-20 15:39:54
cool and interesting to me turned out=)
2013-02-23 20:02:06
Not cool as well!!
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