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Sometimes it seems that you can learn how to draw realistic eyes is simply impossible.
In this tutorial we will show you that this is not the case.
Just a few steps you will learn how to make them look like real eyes.

Draw eyes
Draw three circles with a common center, each of larger diameter.
Draw eyes
Mark the upper eyelid.
Draw eyes
Now draw the lower eyelid.
Draw eyes
Above the line of the upper eyelid spend another curve line along it.
Draw eyes
Now ochrisite contours of the eyelids. In the left (inner) corner of the eye, draw a line lachrymal canal.
Draw eyes
Stroke lachrymal canal.
Fill in the pupil circle and fatter the circle that is around him.
Draw eyes
Now let's draw the iris, which is located around the pupil. To do this, use the method circular hatch, as shown in the figure.
Add a shadow under the upper eyelid, sartorious region directly below it.
Draw eyes
Draw eyelashes.
Draw eyes
If you drew the eye with a pencil, take a good eraser and erase them two circular region on the pupil and on the border of the pupil and the iris. Turned out light reflections.
If you were drawing the eye colors, make a flare with two brush strokes of white paint.
Erase the construction lines.

So we drew a realistic eye. Hope you came out great and that you enjoyed the lesson!

How to draw eyes

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