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, Zotova in the popular canine collection "Your friend" gives the recipe for ridding dogs from rasprostranennye scourge - diseases of the skin (here it is not about Stripping and scabies). The apartment dogs on the affected areas fall coat, the skin is red and sometimes covered with scabs. The most obvious reason for this - lack of vitamins and excess carbohydrates in the diet (excess sugar, white bread, pasta...). Dogs with sore skin, it is better not to wash - you may receive even more affected areas. They quickly go to the amendment, if in a bowl right before feeding add one tablespoon of finely chopped parsley, nettle or sauerkraut.

Amid all this seems strange enviable health dogs-Kamchadals, which for many centuries ate almost one fish, and dogs on the island of Juan Fernandez - they don't have to swallow anything except tyuleniy. In the last century in the French Department Bordeaux dog was addicted to eating grapes. And the owner of the vineyard had the right to hang a dog walking without a muzzle. In many countries stray dogs generally eat and eat God knows what. For example, feral dogs Mohammedans considered "unclean", as, indeed, all animals that ate carrion. Faithful were forbidden to communicate with these parties. But if the dog was manual, the case is radically changed - "unclean" for some reason thought only of her wet nose. Stroking her head was possible, but to touch the nose is sinful.

And now about the true evil, Pro beach dogs - distemper. This microscopic monster sends to the light eight out of ten dogs, the body of which he entered. At first, the virus robbed only in Asia and Peru. In the mid-eighteenth century, he moved to Europe and began to sow death among tetrapods. As soon as any called disaster: Odur, malignant catarrh, influenza, a street... in the End: paralysis, death.

The distemper unusually hardy. He does not mind nine-month stay in the cold or in the dried state. He is omnipresent: the dog is not necessarily to communicate with a sick brother - virus can bring in the boss on the clothes or the soles of shoes.

To cure the plague - case veterinarians. So let me just say that the most effective drug - hyperimmune gamma-globulin. However, to get it is the problem. Don't despair: very good and well-known measles gamma globulin, which treated children. (Details in the book by A. E. Baranova "first aid four-legged friend, very useful article, Fedotov in the sixth issue of the magazine "Hunting and hunting" for 1977). The hardest carry plague puppies aged from three months to one year; the most dangerous time is spring and autumn. The main advice is: always keep about vaccinations.

But the less initiative, the better. Fortunately, that in almost every district there is a veterinary clinic. And yet does not interfere know that the wound on the body can be disinfected not only iodine but vodka, vinegar and even gasoline. Useful and simple, but effective way to clean a dog's stomach poisoning - shaggy cheek pour the salt solution (a teaspoon in a glass of water). But to expel the insect from the dog's ear can 5-10 drops of sunflower oil.

In hospitals that are not just for dogs with their owners go to the doctors, and sometimes people are running, bitten four-footed defenders of private property. Statistics show that in the U.S. dogs annually "tried on the tooth hands or feet six thousand postmen. Directorate of posts found exit - supplied messengers overalls soaked in some part (probably smell vacant females), and bitten was little. And in Australia postmen give something like chewing gum. Is the dog to grab this delicacy as ten minutes toothy jaws are glued together.

The incident, which was just discussed, are when people invaded the territory protected by the dog. But sometimes Vice versa - roving tetrapods, going where they do not expect. However, there is a way: in Canada, for example, a patented, completely otmazivaisea dogs and cats from porches and cellars. This drug, along with paraffin and mineral oils is unbearable for dog and cat noses substance - methylmercaptan.

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