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Dogs stomach is not a garbage disposal!
P. Teichman. Disease dogs

The statement is certainly true, although the chute dream not only poor stray dogs, but their spoiled treats residential fellows. And the most strange is that both of them are ready to eat disgusting food. Stray dogs, this causes a hungry orphan life, and apartment owners. Living in the comfort of four-legged often contracted from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. At the first opportunity they dive into the trash to fill this biochemical space. Scavenge them attract more and lower connections protein, neutralizing the excess acid, which is formed by a monotonous diet. Especially with young dogs.

Short dog's intestines badly adapted to digest vegetarian dishes, but with a piece of meat of her gastric juices divided in two accounts. This is also helped by a strong jaw and a set of salivary glands - the parotid, sublingual and submandibular. Cancer in dogs is not free dangle (try to run with a hanging belly), and tied the mesentery. It's like a stranded cable - there are blood vessels and nerves.

Like all animals, blood on the dog's body drives the heart. And now, interestingly enough, the left half of her heart performs much more work than the right, and muscles are two times thicker. Map: our loving heart on the left, and a powerful left half of the dog's heart. Not what keeps our heart friendship? Of course, no. By the way, many people believe that the path to the animal heart is through his stomach, applicable to dogs only with serious reservations.

Other owners do not give their wards to eat raw meat - say, from him the dog becomes angrier. Of course, this superstition is benign raw meat will only benefit the psyche of the animal does not suffer.

To feed a large dog meat is not cheap. But, alas, while we have a special canned food is not allowed. And sorry - this would not only facilitate the budget of sabcomeline, and would also benefit the state: the dog would eat the dog food, not human. For their table would fit many millions of carcasses squirrels, gophers, muskrats, which are simply discarded. And how much waste fish processing plants would not lose in vain! Dog canned food is easy to enter the necessary herbs, minerals, vitamins and mineral substances. This will make balanced food.

And while the apartment dogs often fall into melancholy because of the rich, but improper feeding.

With a simple loss of appetite veterinarians make the dog an injection of insulin, and they regain the vitality and gloss. Loss of appetite can cope with home remedies - the secretion of gastric juices stimulate plants containing bitter substances and essential oils: orange peel, wormwood, gentian root. Of course, should not be put in the dog's mouth dry orange peel - it must be present in the form of tincture. If orange peel is not at hand, buy a glucose - it gradually add in water and food. The best way to deliver four-legged friend from depression and loss of appetite - to walk with him through the forest or meadow - he will find what he needs.

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