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All dog was, one might say, a single drug.
A. Brehm. Animal life

Brema lists a great variety of drugs, which are believed medieval and earlier Aesculapius. So, dog skin, in their opinion, was relieved from excessive sweating feet. Wool, wrapped in a cloth and applied to the forehead, appeased headache. Liver dogs recommended rabies (should not be overlooked that the liver must belong to a dog of the same sex with bite). Live dog, attached to the breast, had extraordinary help with chest illnesses. People seemed to be very good to drink dog milk. If this milk is added to nitrate, it will save you from leprosy, and if you mix ash, it will speed up hair growth and will facilitate a difficult birth. Moderates the growth of hair and urine of young dogs. If you throw into the fire the upper left canine tooth, toothache will disappear as soon as the smoke clears...

A solid Guide to pharmacognosy", which in 1858 was published in the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences press, there are the following lines: "Dog fat was used protiv lumpy consumption Legkiy. He at ordinary temperatures semi-liquid, granular, yellowish-white in color, without odor, oily taste... More in pharmacies were kept of dog feces; it was collected in March from dogs fed mostly bones, and used protiv intermittent fever, hysteria, and other diseases."

It is possible that hysterical patient covered tetanus, if he knew what it would take to cure.

...In the folk way of getting rid of the TB there is a deep sense: while pharmacologists came to the creation of FTHIOTIDA and other drugs, the focus of tuberculosis infection in the lungs extinguished badger fat or dog fat. Practice has shown that this treatment helped in the cold season. Recent studies have revealed the secret is revealed that in the cold light oxidized fats, brought by the blood. The essence of treatment is that the shell sticks Koch consists of fat, and when there are close in structure of matter (dog fat that is), they replace the fats in the membrane of bacterial cells, and germ loses viability.

Dogs treated us and our tears. We have used them lysozyme - antiseptic, thanks to which "heals all, as in the dog." Zaliza the wound, the dog sterilizes its excellent image in saliva lot of lysozyme. But in the mouth of the dog can be nasty stuff. And for the health needs of the lysozyme was obtained from the dog of tears. In other words, the dog cried for our health. They wept until then, until it became clear that lysozyme is easier to extract from chicken eggs.

Dogs were treated not just for us - they cared about themselves. About this repeats gossip, this is confirmed by direct experiments. For example, from fish bones, stretching down his throat dog "took" the leaves are green and gray spickle. Operated the plant vigorously - four-legged friends man quickly recovered. Meanwhile, the results of the analysis not included in the lists of medicinal plants. In such situations, they resorted to the help of the couch, and as a laxative ate wormwood. Actually, the dogs are looking for a set of plants: parsley leaf to wood kidney and moss.

Who has not heard about the great benefits of hardening. Some people not only listen to wise counsel, but in the morning we climb under a cold shower. Now, after a refreshing procedure, rubbing the body with a towel, you should not think about something extraneous, and about dogs. For scientific history hardening has begun E. 1881 with experiments A. Nazarov on dogs. He discovered an amazing fact - if the dog daily for 15 minutes to dip into cold water (+10°) in the beginning, his body temperature will fall. And then, 7-10 procedures, this phenomenon will disappear, it means the dog has hardened. Similar happens with us. However, it does not make clear physiological mechanism rasprostranennye and prosaic phenomena. It is unclear importantly - why ten sessions four-legged friend stops cold. Physiologist A. D. Slonim believes that tempered the body does not change the generation of heat and resists cold with vascular thermoregulation. Interestingly, people and dogs are better tempered, if blood is enough ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Four-legged martyrs gave their lives told people what to do in the opposite situation - when a thermal shock. It turned out that the root of evil is lipid peroxidation in the brain, which entails death. Now, if too overheated dog (or person) to give dyhnut carbon dioxide, it is possible to pull the body from death's embrace. Even better is to inject drugs, preventing lipid peroxidation.

In the heat of dogs, big and small, purebred and mixed-breed dogs, hang languages and often-often breathe. Not that familiar picture made to believe that they are basically sweat language? But the dog thermoregulation started English physiologist K. Schmidt-Nielsen. If the street is thick and the thermometer hit the mark +41°, the temperature at shaggy friends man jumps to 42°. It was rumored, they say, it is because, cooling themselves in the language, the dog at the same time breeds inside the fire: rapid breathing (up to 410 per minute!) not without strenuous muscular work. And what, really? What wins - ice or fire? Ice. And here's why. Dog respiratory system is similar to the elastic body and has its own oscillation frequency. Breathing in resonance with this frequency, the dog is not pyrethroide muscles, almost not warm himself.

In the heat of the dogs breathing like yoga - breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth. And not without reason - within the long dog noses conditions for evaporation is much better than on the tongue. Nose air closer contact with moist mucous membranes, quickly becomes saturated with moisture, quickly perceives the heat. Therefore, a liter of air exhaled by a dog in heat, takes about 25 calories. That is why from wycofywania language does not help.

Schmidt-Nielsen proved that the nose is the main dog refrigerator. And that fridge was functioning properly, you need a substance that will evaporate needed moisture. And here is a dog's nose at the height of his uninterrupted supplies water special big iron. This gland has no other worries except keep the nose moist. Right, well, what we don't have this gland. However, our nose also gets wet, but not in the heat and cold. Perhaps this is not worth spreading - many rich personal experience.

And not whether it is gratifying that dogs can come in clinics not as sufferers, not as a test, and as consultants: surgeons will consult with their nose. Need to see employee of the University of California O. Chapman. Here is the course of argumentation. The smell is part of the communication system of any organism. And the immune system, protecting the body from diseases and reject foreign tissues (e.g., alien heart), also nothing like the chemical communication system. Chapman offers to teach dogs to smell to find groups of people with similar chemical composition of the body, and then their immune system seems to be should not reject the transplanted skin flaps or new heart.

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