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There are dogs smart, witty, fun... and full of fools, the downcast phlegmy, never acquiring nous.
L. P. Sabaneev. The nature's calendar

No one wants to deal with a stupid dog. Not because of this nearly disappeared tribe pugs - those that in the fable was barking at the elephant. They were usually extremely evil and stupid. Connoisseur dogs and hunting Sabaneev the first place gumption raised hunting dogs. Brehm preferred poodles, although paid tribute to the mind, courage, kindness, and strength of Newfoundland. But other breeds Brehm was not offended. Here are his words from rare, yet abbreviated edition of 1866. "There are bulldogs, their intelligence would be able to compete with the poodle. I myself, for example, knew this. He brought a lot of pleasure in my own mind, knew many pieces and understood, so to speak, every word. So, the owner could send it for different things, and he always brought what he had ordered. If he was told: "Go for a coach!" he went to the square, where there were cabs, jumped into one of the carriages and barked until then, while the coachman was untouched; if he was not going where it was needed, the dog began to bark again or jumped down, ran ahead of the horses and stopped at the gate of his house. This bulldog passion as loved Bavarian beer and accurately distinguishes it from all other varieties.

However, even a genius dog, passed the whole course of the dog of Sciences, lead round around your finger the most common ravens. It happens so. One cheeky bite a dog's tail or hind leg, and her partner catches the moment when the enraged beast will turn to sink teeth into hateful crow feathers. End of this mess is usually the fact that the feathers of crows remain in one piece and from a dog bowl disappears piece by piece. However, some claim that this is not a robbery, but a kind of game.

And another oddity - even the smartest dog seemingly can't figure out what a piece of meat, you cannot hide in ( - in, and not on or under) a flat piece of plywood. The recent experiments of ethologist L. C. Krushinsky showed that dogs living among solid objects, vylizyvaya banks and razrushayushie bone to get hidden in her brain, do not understand the difference between flat and three-dimensional figures. But the wolf is such a problem on the shoulder.

But at the sight post all shaggy, four-legged girls and all the mediocrity instantly know what to do: the ritual sprinkling of the pillars and stones in the dog's life allotted a place of honor. It takes a lot of time and effort.

It is an ancient, time-honored custom. Than it is produced is not very clear. Whether using spray the ancestors of the dogs were kept between them the relationship in the long persecution of production; whether the spray served as the boundary line is defined territory flocks. Maybe it's just a conversation with a neighbor? One way or another, but any self-respecting dog first get acquainted with the previous ads and only then will leave your signature. (By the way, somewhere abroad for urban dogs have built something like information centers: sandy areas with many stone columns). Wolves in such cases, do thoroughly: and leg lift up and try to hang litter on the branch of a Bush. Why hang? For a very good reason: on earth, dung-beetles will quickly destroy such a business card and on the branch it out of their reach.

The current dogs, but still living in the cities, tear his legs a fragment of wild life. There are several of these fragments. For example, before you lie down on the soft Mat, the dog even the most noble blood spinning - stamps the place overnight and comfortably puts the tail, which often severed. (Cutting off the tail of a kind of wildness, but not a dog, and human.). If you happen to be in a dog show, look closely at the tails. In addition kupirovannom, cropped tail, experts distinguish such: saber, ring, stick, stick, pen, hammer, hook and tail carried curled over the back.

And tailed and tailless dogs for centuries with pleasure lying on carrion. I used to think that it's a friendly act - smelling wool colleagues learned about the source of food. But now this view is shaken: dog stain wool and inedible mess. Doubtful and version, if they loll around in the dirt to hit its own smell, which comes in a horror production. The smell unmask predator only when he crouched in ambush. The ancestors of the dogs was extracted sustenance not from ambush, and in a crazy race, and in the bustle pahni not pahni, little will change.

Maybe everything is easier, you may be right biologist C. A. Korytin? Here's what he writes. "We have done the following experiment. The dog had fleas, pulled the chain and gave her the opportunity to wavelets in the dirt. The next day, despite a thorough search, live or dead insects she could not be found". And in fact - entomologists suggest that fleas hate the sharp smells.

Our efforts dogs are increasingly moving away from nature, abandon their natural needs. So, more and more four-legged married not by choice, but by the choice of the owners. Her heart now follow only mutts. Meanwhile, among them are unlikely to find "padded fool" or a dog with all the more common vices: scissor bite and brown, weakly pigmented nose. If whitish nose really bothers four-legged to live (he has a weak sense of smell), why ruthlessly reject the most talented and strong dogs with the so-called malocclusion?

Claim that peaceful or, on the contrary, the warlike character of the dog predestined, predetermined genetically, and especially if those evil dogs, who in early childhood were poor relationship with her mother or who was left an orphan. Lasted more than one year experiment centuries Antonov showed that among four-legged orphans same aggressive individuals, as among dogs that grew side by side with caring mothers, and that in General a matter of time. Evil can become good-natured, good - evil. For winning the highest office in the pack one physical strength is not enough: we cannot do without mind and iron character.

Decorative dog to live in a small appartment, Bloodhound willing to catch thieves, sled dogs pulling the sled, because their ancestors in the wild are used to collectivism, to the discipline of the pack. For many generations they have acquired innate need (!) to obey the leader. Caring and at the same time strict owner for them sorvoja, the order of which is Holy. That is why it is advised to fully subordinate not to the extent of the shrew four-legged friend, to do what in the past was only able mighty leader to raise the shoulders and shake. To this terrible punishment should be resorted to only in exceptional cases, in order not to break the will of the dog. Beaten to it often absurd and incomprehensible. And puppies adult relatives generally enjoyed diplomatic immunity - they smell childish, they have not yet started to produce sex hormones.

That's wise advice to the famous naturalist K. Lorenz. Want to make friends with the dog - don't look closely into her eyes. In the pack this view for centuries have expressed no feelings of friendship, and outright threats. Friendship is better with a special female. Experts chorus assure that bitches flexible, calmer, and generally smarter and more loyal dogs.

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