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Can't believe that human speech, gestures and facial expressions for smart dogs only have value when given the command, when the alarm sounds, the caller allegedly only a reflex action. No matter how much reproached me in anthropomorphism (the humanization of animals), will tell you about one case.

Not so long ago my family moved into a new house on the outskirts of Moscow. There stood the wooden houses with gardens. Their days were numbered - the area was quickly built. And now the owner of one of the old buildings offered a comfortable flat. They started the infamous dispute: whether to take a dog, long and faithfully guarding their garden and property? The dispute lasted more than one day. And ended badly - the dog died. I can say that she died of old age or starvation. But why the dog refused to eat? Why she gazed miserably at the hosts, and they shyly turned away from her accusing eyes? In my opinion, the dog understood what was happening, and was unable to survive the betrayal. And how can you not remember the words of the famous Western European physician and philosopher Axel Munt: "the Dog is Holy. It... happily acknowledges the superiority of his master, he for her authority, but, contrary to the opinion of many dog lovers, in her devotion there is nothing slavish. Her submission is voluntary, and she expects that her modest rights will be respected. She sees his master the king, almost a God, and he understands that God may be strict, but knows that he must be fair...".

Among tetrapods is a mean-spirited creature, but the betrayal of the dog - thing unheard of. On the contrary, for the sake of the deified host they are ready for anything. Boris Ryabinin in the book "love to live" tells about the grandest, the noblest act of the dog owners which the Germans threw in a concentration camp. Setter Silva in some unimaginable way found the camp, where he locked her owners. She dug the course under barbed wire and through the night (day shoot guards!) brought completely starving people a bone with some meat, some raw carrots. Itself Silva was skinny as a skeleton.

And here's another breadwinner - Spaniel who lived in Paris in the beginning of the century. He procured clients to the boy shining shoes. The dog was making a mess in the puddle hairy legs as if by accident came on the shoes of passers-by. If clients was much, was lying peacefully next to his little master.

Even in ancient times praised the dog's devotion: for example, Plutarch praised Melampitta that swam in the sea after his master, not taken him to the ship. As the sole survivor military dog who saved Corinth from the sudden attacks of the enemies of the Treasury issued an expensive reward: solid silver collar with the inscription: "the Protector and Savior of Corinth".

What, then, dog collar (gold, diamond?) we had to wear on dick? This shepherd in the difficult years of the great Patriotic war by the smell of explosives found 12 thousand German mines and a huge bomb, hidden by the Nazis in the Foundation of the Pavlovsk Palace near Leningrad. No less famous "military labor" small gray Dina. She, along with corporal Century Nenasheva neutralizing mines, delivered reports, went to the German rear, undermined Nazi echelon... After the war, Dean seconded to the Museum of military glory. Here she lived to a ripe old age.

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