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Dog wedged in human life are not dependents, and active assistants. Life itself forced them to talk or to communicate with people. Starting life with a person, the dog barked (wolves and jackals only howl). And hardly even a joke should gotrice that the dog was razbehalys, lied... Not she is lying and telling the truth.

Maybe the dog "invented" barking instead of our speech, instead of the second signal system? The invention is not bad - seasoned hunter lay hounds knows how things stand at the moment. Yes and any of us will distinguish vicious barking and barking, which the dogs greet friends; we smile joyous leaping law and come to grief on the sad cavkaniya.

Imagine, sometimes people have earned his bread with barking. For example, serving as financial management Stockholm Elfrida Carlson mastered 20 varieties of dog barking. It collected taxes, davka under the door and provoking conversation dog whose owners shied away from the Board, saying that the four-legged in an apartment there.

And who knows - if the decoding dog language were spent as much effort as learning alarm dolphins, could we now conduct a thorough conversation with four-legged friends? (By the way, too vociferous dogs can reason with a special collar with an electric battery. When the dog is taken to bark loudly, she receives harmless but noticeable electric shock.)

In a respectable publication, "Journal of evolutionary biochemistry and physiology" in 1975 published an article "On the classification of stationary vowels dog". Sounds a, o, I, e, a tape recorded on a thousand fret, accurately classified not some outstanding dogs, and some dogs. His opinion they were informed by lifting one or the other of the legs. The final lines of the article are as follows: "the Results of electrophysiological studies also indicate the preparedness of the auditory system of mammals to the recognition of speech signals". Comments, as the saying goes. But, alas, the game comes with only one goal - the dogs are listening to something "on us shake". What?

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