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Say, if you had the most that neither is a true friend... which Mystetstvo. For how much you sold it for about?
A. I. Kuprin. White poodle

On the fifth or sixth month of life the dog forever gives up his attachment to one person. Maturing puppy is not just a lovely creature, and the creature, filled with love and devotion.

It happens that some of your friends it begins to have signs of attention, and some shy away from them. Think about it - dogs seldom mistaken in people. But people often make mistakes in dogs - esteem they take for intolerance, conscientious create accused is weak and, on the contrary, excessively regret dog pretender.

Recently in France expressed the view that if the dog can learn the nature of the owner. Here's what the article was published one of the biological journals. "Say what you have a dog, and I will tell you who you are," says French animal psychologist Daudet. In his opinion, the owners of poodles - people stingy, owners of dogs without a sense of humor, those taxes, generous, who has dogs courageous. The best people are those who live posteriori. A dog owner has filed for Daudet in court for defamation. And Daudet told the judges: "Here, see for yourself..."

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